Freedom Kayaks builds custom, wooden composite kayaks and Greenland paddles

My kayaks and paddles use carefully selected products from trusted suppliers. I construct each kayak and paddle to order allowing you to be involved in how your kayak or paddle is made, ensuring the end product is bespoke and suitable for your needs.


Freedom Kayaks works with World Record Holder Pete Bray

Our kayaks and paddles are tested, used and reviewed by Pete Bray who must be one of the worlds most experienced expedition sea kayakers and the author of two books detailing his some of his kayaking adventures: ‘Kayak Crossing the Atlantic’ and ‘Seven Charts and a Road Map’.

Because Pete uses my kayaks and paddles and provides feedback, you can be confident that my kayaks and paddles are not only beautiful, but the performance is also first class.


The Kayak designs

Fulmar is a high volume sea kayak, it’s character is best described as comfortable and smooth, having impeccable manners and go anywhere ability.

Tulugaq is a low volume sea kayak, single hard chine, fast, manoeuvrable and suitable for the more experienced paddler.

Tattoo is a ‘play’ kayak that is unlike anything else. The cleverly designed hull shape make this a very manoeuvrable kayak for fast water conditions whether on a river, in surf or rock hopping and it still has the paddling pace to be able to get you quickly to your chosen play ground.

Greenland Paddle

Custom made Greenland Paddle

Shape and sizing of the paddle is specific to what you want to use the paddle for and your own preference.

My Greenland Paddles are constructed to be light, but tough with the ends of the paddles Epoxy tipped and fibre glassed . Because your paddle is made to order there is immense scope for personalisation.
We are the only Company who makes a ‘Pete Bray’ paddle as used by the World Record Holder himself.


Hello, I am Paul Nicol the owner and builder at Freedom Kayaks

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